Webb Road (KS) Congregation

Wichita, Kansas



Our Mission:

“To help families and individuals develop a faithful relationship with God, through the ministry of Jesus Christ!”


Our Location:  3500 S. Webb Rd.  Wichita, KS 67210                   Telephone:  (316) 685-7391     E-mail:  Pastor@WebbRoadCoc.org

Text Box:              Regular Activities
Sundays:	Virtual, Zoom	1st, 3rd, 5th 
	Worship Service 	11:00 AM
Wednesdays:	 Virtual, Zoom 	7:00 PM
	Prayer & Fellowship

“Hear God’s Guidance”                                     (Third Sunday in Lent)

Text Box:               Upcoming Events
MMC Mission: Learn	March 27, 2021
	Zoom Virtual Meeting
MMC Mission Center Conference		Zoom Virtual Mtg.	March 28, 2021

Doniphan Reunion	June 11 – 15, 2021
Lake Doniphan Conf. & Retreat Ctr.
Middle School Camp	June 20-25, 2021
Chihowa Retreat Ctr.	Grades 6-8
Senior High Camp	June 20-25, 2021
	Historic Sites Caravan.	Grades 9-12
Junior Camp		June 27–July 1 2021
Chihowa Retreat Ctr.	Grades  3-5
Chihowa Reunion	July 11 – 16, 2021
	Chihowa Retreat Center	
Youth Quest  		July 22-24 2021
Olathe Congregation.  	Ages  K-2
Spectacular	July 24—31, 2021
	Graceland University	Grades 9-12
Pot Luck Lunch	Sept. 12, 2021

                                        Lectionary Scripture:  Exodus 20:1–17

Questions to Consider

How do you show your undivided loyalty to God?

What “other gods” clamor for your attention and distract you from God?

How have you treated another with disrespect?

How can you more fully ensure that you always treat others with dignity?


Planning for In-Person Worship Services has begun (No Formal Date Yet)