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Sunday, October 19th 2014
"Consider What is God's"

















October 19th Scripture Setting:   Matthew 22:  15-22

In today’s scripture, an unlikely coalition of Pharisees and Herodians try to force Jesus to answer a yes-or-no question: “Is it lawful to pay taxes to the emperor, or not?” (v. 17). No matter which response he chooses, Jesus will be in trouble. Rather than becoming entangled in their web of trickery, Jesus asks for a coin and shows it to them. “Whose head is this, and whose title?” (v. 20) he asks. When they respond that it is the emperor’s, Jesus declares, “Give therefore to the emperor the things that are the emperor’s, and to God the things that are God’s” (v. 21).

As onlookers to this interchange, it is important to move beyond the tendency to think this scripture is only about politics and how Christians should interact with governments. While the story also illustrates Jesus’ ability to outwit the Pharisees’ malicious intent, we need to go deeper. Jesus is asking them, and us, to distinguish between a government’s jurisdiction and God’s jurisdiction. To whom do we belong? In whatever area we find ourselves—political, social, religious, or economic—we wholly belong to God. All that we have and are come from a generous God.

Jesus’ response does not really solve the problem, he simply moves the discussion to an entirely different realm—God’s. Daily, we face the struggle of placing God at the center of our living, ahead of worldly priorities. Our call as disciples is to make God the priority in our lives. God generously gives to us the many blessings we have in our lives. We receive those blessings and respond with thanksgiving and service to others. Giving thanks for what we have, acknowledging God’s presence in our lives and God’s blessings in our midst helps us gain focus for what is truly important, the kingdom of God.   Worship Helps 10/19/2014)

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Regular Activities


Sunday School,  9:30 AM


Worship Service, 10:45 AM


Children's Worship on 2nd  Sundays

Pot Luck Dinner on 2nd  Sundays  (Next:  Nov. 9th)


Men's Prayer Breakfast,  8:30 AM


Women's Bible Study    9:00 AM 1st and 3rd Wks

11:30 AM Lunch & a 


Prayer & Testimony Service, 7:00 PM


October 24-26th
Peace Colloquy @ Independence, MO


October 31st  - November 2nd
Fall Retreat @ Westminster Woods
Camp, Fall River, KS


November  15th
Revival Activity with Highlands Praise Team @ Webb Road


November  15th
Soup Supper @ Webb Road
Highlands Praise Team  will Share
with us.


November  16th
Highlands Praise Team @ Webb Road

November  22nd
Mission Center Conference@ Olathe


November  23rd
Annual Thanksgiving Dinner @ Webb Road

Business Meeting & Election of Officers @ Webb Road



Pot-Luck Dinner Season:

Next Pot Luck Dinner:

November 9th


Thanksgiving Dinner

November 23rd


Christmas Brunch

December 14th



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