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Sunday,  August 3rd 2014
Be Generous"











August 3rd Scripture Setting:    Matthew 14: 13-21

What would you do? What would you say? Jesus had just heard the news. His baptizer, his seventy, his friend, John the Baptist was beheaded; murdered at the hands of King Herod. Jesus desired a quiet place to reflect on his loss, so after a long day of sharing his witness he got in a boat simply to be alone.

This story, this miracle, is the only story told in all of the Gospels. It is a story of Godís grace and generosity through compassionate acts of healing, of blessing, and of feeding. So important were these acts that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John needed to tell it again and again.

But the crowd followed Jesus, and even though he sought quiet, his generous heart was overflowing with Godís compassion. So he spent the rest of the day walking among them, placing his hands on them, and healing those who were sick. He blessed those whose lives needed new purpose, those needing a new way, the Jesus way!

So, it was natural that at the end of a very long day of ministry and the tragic news about the loss of a friend, the disciples, wanting to protect Jesus, desired to send the crowd home. But Jesus knew the day was not over for the crowd was hungry. But how would they feed such a large crowd when all they had were five loaves of bread and two fish?

The disciples saw through eyes of scarcity but Jesusí vision was of a generous God who has enough and to spare; a communion where there is enough of God through Christ for all to be filled by Godís grace. Jesus blesses the bread and fish so that all may eat together, all may be fed, and all blessed.

Communion with God through Christ invites all to share in the blessings of the body and blood of Christ so all may be blessed.

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Sunday School,  9:30 AM


Worship Service, 10:45 AM


Children's Worship on 2nd  Sundays

Pot Luck Dinner on 2nd  Sundays  (Next:  Sept. 14th)


Men's Prayer Breakfast,  8:30 AM


Women's Bible Study    9:00 AM 1st and 3rd Wks

11:30 AM Lunch & a 


Prayer & Testimony Service, 7:00 PM





Next Pot Luck Dinner:

Sept 14th



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