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Sunday, May 31st, 2015
" Here I Am, Send Me!"








Isaiah 6: 11-8

In the Christian calendar, today is often referred to as Trinity Sunday. It is a day when we are reminded of our understanding of the nature of God as a community of three persons. Because of our belief in Jesus Christ and our knowledge of the New Testament, we read today’s passage in Isaiah through our Christian lens.

We interpret the use of the word holy three times in the praise statement as pointing toward the three persons of God (see “Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty” CCS 52). The Lord’s question—“…who will go for us?” (v. 8)—where the personal pronoun is plural, also is interpreted to support our belief in the communal nature of the three-in-one God. Our belief statement about God indicates our understanding of the Trinity as “one living God who meets us in the testimony of Israel, is revealed in Jesus Christ, and moves through all creation as the Holy Spirit” (Sharing in Community of Christ, 3rd ed., p. 14).

Today’s passage is part of the testimony of Israel. It describes Isaiah’s vision of his calling and has significant parallels with another prophet’s calling in Ezekiel 1–3. Isaiah’s vision demonstrates the ongoing saving work of God through faithful people who respond to the calling. It reminds us that when we approach God and repent of our shortfalls, God will forgive us. Then we are ready to hear God’s call and respond. Our response is not about having all of the answers but is about humbly being willing to make ourselves available to go where God needs us (see “At the Heart of Sacred Calling” CCS 509).

Today’s passage is one of the most-quoted visions of Isaiah. It reminds us that Isaiah was open and listening for the Holy. His seeking made it possible for him to have a vision that confirmed his calling. As disciples, we must also create space and opportunity to hear God’s call for our lives. Spiritual practices and disciplines are tools that help us listen.
Community of Christ has published online over 100 practices of discipleship and spiritual formation to help us connect with the Divine (see www.CofChrist.org). These types of exercises help us “practice” our listening skills so we can see and hear God. They also help us develop the “discipline” of listening when we incorporate particular practices into our daily lives.

Isaiah’s vision also reminds us worship is an important element of encountering God. Amid praise for the Lord, Isaiah was humbled and repentant. Out of Isaiah’s repentance, he was able to receive forgiveness. His forgiveness opened him to be able to hear the call to serve and then respond. This experience of Isaiah in the Temple provides a helpful model of holistic worship that includes: praise, confession, proclamation, and commitment.

Worship is an important time for us to encounter God through the various elements of the service but particularly through song, words, and sacraments. These encounters give us the opportunity to reflect on our lives and seek forgiveness for actions and behaviors we regret. As the blessing of the Holy Spirit lifts burdens, we are better able to hear God’s call for Christ-like servants.

When Isaiah heard the Lord’s question of who would serve, Isaiah was ready and eager to respond. This scripture reminds us encounters with the Divine are transformative and energizing. When we encounter the Divine in the diverse ways people encounter the Holy, we are changed and we are ready to serve.


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