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John 15: 9-17

The Gospel of John, chapter 15, begins with a metaphor about Jesus as the vine and his followers as branches. Today’s passage continues this metaphor as it calls disciples into Christ-like love for one another. The ideas of “abiding” in Christ and “bearing fruit” are at the heart of Jesus’ explanation of our call as disciples to “love one another.”

Jesus recognizes how his love for the disciples flows from God’s love for him. Jesus invites and encourages disciples to “abide” in him (v. 9). He tells us that by keeping his commandments we abide in his love. Several dictionaries describe abide as “to accept, tolerate, or act in accordance to.” This means Jesus was and is inviting us to first receive his love and then act by his love (see “Called by Christ to Love Each Other” Community of Christ Sings 577).

Jesus also sends disciples to go and bear fruit. Bearing fruit may reference the love for one another but likely also includes making new disciples. Part of the sacrificial nature of Christ-like love is that we are willing to open our circles of friends beyond those friendships that come easily. We reach out to others who are not like us and extend Christ-like love (see “On the Journey to Emmaus” CCS 272).

We recognize we can’t bear fruit alone. Our call to love one another and bring others into relationships of Christ-love can only occur as we abide in Christ’s love. Jesus loves us like God loves him. We love others as Jesus loves us. Others receive Christ’s love through us and share it with more people and the circle of the kingdom grows wider.

This passage includes five references to commandment or command. It holds in tension the idea of Jesus making demands and conditional promises versus asking us to make responsible choices and extending us generous amounts of grace.

Those to whom this Gospel was originally written were likely experiencing great difficulty from both the Gentile and Jewish worlds. Their survival as a community depended on their ability to cling to one another and God amid great turmoil. Therefore, it is easy to understand the command voice used by the Gospel writer for the body to love one another. The assumption the body wants to survive and follow Jesus’ example is implied.

Despite our possible resistance to commands, when we truly experience God’s love, we are compelled to share it. We cannot help ourselves. This means we develop relationships with others that support the other person in fulfilling his or her God-given potential.

Jesus explains he is moving us beyond the relationship of master and servant. Jesus is inviting us into a mutual relationship with him that allows us to be equals as friends where we are part of Jesus’ ministry on Earth. This leads us to be willing to sacrifice our need to be master over others by actions such as sharing power, building consent, or discovering what is best for the whole.

As we study and embrace the meaning of Christ-like love, we understand it is a sacrificial love that recognizes one’s worth and potential as a child of God. Christ-like love is not based on having good chemistry with another nor is it the result of having compatible personalities. Christ-like love can exist for another even when one does not like the other person. This is what helps us break down walls and share Christ-like love with everyone. 


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